Verona: it’s more than just Shakespeare

arena-267x180Let me ask you what you know about Italy besides Rome, Milan, mafia, spaghetti, pizza and mandolin. I really hope the answer is a list of name of cities, monuments, places and so on.

How much do you know Verona? It is definitely more than just Shakespeare’s romance and Juliet’s house. In your mind it is very popular because of the romantic tragedy that has been reproduced on the big screen, starring a young and pretty much unknown Leonardo diCaprio truly, madly, deeply in love with Claire Danes.

Forget the statue of Juliet, or her tomb, or the house of Romeo, or the wall where lovers wrote their promises: this is just a story or a legend (even if the Juliets-that’s how the Juliets’ girls are still called nowadays- keep working really hard).

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