The American touch in Turin

857-267x180Some locals in Turin are typically Italian, but luckily for tourists there are also some American ones. The most elegant and sophisticated is “Gramsci”, which is directly inspired by the very famous clubs in New York. In fact, it features a refined interior design, which looks like a mix of several different styles mixed together to give birth to a metropolitan result.

This restaurant is popular not only for its central position in the heart of Turin, but also because it is a meeting point for businessmen during lunch time. If you are looking for a pleasant and tasty break, this is the best place where you can go to.

You can savour an excellent traditional Italian cuisine which features meat and seafood dishes, all made of high quality ingredients that change according to the seasons. If you prefer something quicker because you are not that hungry, you can try the delicious wood stove pizzas, choosing from a high variety of toppings, according to your tastes.

Moreover, “Gramsci” also offers a very excellent selection of the best Italian wines, having a wide choice of both red and white ones. Drink a glass with some colleagues or friends in a cozy place before going back to work, start shopping or keep visiting the monuments all around the city.

Closed on Sundays at lunch and on Mondays, this place is definitely very nice and it deserves a try. After that, you will go back a second time, for sure. That’s because nowadays it’s not easy to find a restaurant where both the quality of food and the prices satisfy your tastes.

We strongly recommend this place where if you can enjoy a particular and dynamic atmosphere. Also visit the website, to read some additional info, such as the history of the place, the menu, how to get there and so on.

Via Gramsci 12
Turin- Italy
Telephone: (+39) 011/540635