Visit Dolomites during summer

dolomites-300x166Dolomites are probably the most beautiful mountains of the whole Europe. On the top of the heighest peaks you can find snow also during summer. If you are interested in summer skiing, you should consider a trip to Passo dello Stelvio, one of the highest Dolomiti’s area.

There, skiing is possible from June to November (during winter, the weather is too cold ! ). On Passo dello Stelvio are available about 30 chilometers of sky run. Even the most exigent sportsman will be pleased.

Another interesting location for summer skiing is Valsenales, a small area near Merano. That is the right place if you are looking for quiet and want to avoid crowded places. Valsenales can also offer you long walks through enchanting woods at a lower height. And you will also love the famous Polenta, a typical course of this place.

Dolomites may be a wonderful place to spend your summer also if you are not looking for skiing. It may sounds incredible, but Dolomiti’s lakes are a perfect destination if you are looking for baths and tanning. One of the most stunning locations of this kind it’s the Santa Croce lake, near Belluno.

Every year thousands of visitors prefer this lake to the Adriatic sea. The reason is easy to be understood : pure air and clean water can be found only in places like this.

On Dolomiti’s mountains, nature and culture stay side by side. If you want to see some beautiful monuments or just want to keep close to civilization, you should stay in Belluno, an incredible city over the mountains.

Sealed by the mountains, Belluno offers you everything you could find into a city. Discos, cinemas, theaters and many other activities are available every day of the year.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Flickmor