The enchanted Ligurian Riviera

riveraFrom Cape Cervo to the French border, you are able to see amazing bays which are part of the very famous Riviera dei Fiori.

You can basically find evertyhing there, that’s why if don’t have enough time to stay there, you have to choose what to do.

Do you prefer visiting the coastal town, or climb the mountains? Is is better for you surfing or hiking in the woods? Do you want to visit the medieval villages and the churches or be focused on the tradional food?

Make up your mind, and feel free to do whatever you want: the Riviera really offers you all these choices and, being so small, offers you the chance to do more than just one activity.

You won’t have time to get bored, since there is so much to do and visit, and you will be satisfied for sure.

The seaside, for example, sparkles with all the waves, and its emerald color near the rocks is amazing even in winter, creating a great contrast with the gold sandy beaches and the nature which surrounds the rocks.

What you can see in front of you is a breathless view you have to enjoy, and of course take as many pictures as you can. Try to shoot everything, especially the small details.

Be enchanted by the panorama you have in front of your eyes, and try to think that so many painters from the past were inspired by these wonderful colors and places, and you can easily find several copies of the drawings in the souvenir shops.

The land of colors, as it is called by its citizens, is also the place where you can taste some of the best Italian dishes, such as the so-called focaccia. Choose the cheese and oil one, or the one topped with olives or onions and you will find a paradise for your mouth.