How to make a homemade polenta

POLENTA-222x180If you are in Italy and you like cooking, do not miss the chance to prepare a typical Italian winter dish: the polenta (cornmeal in English).

In order to prepare it, you have to buy the polenta in the supermarket, which has to be added to the other ingredients: water, salt and butter. Of course you can mix some other food with it, such as the gorgonzola (blu cheese in English), which is delicious, sausage or ragù.

You can easily choose according to your taste, since the cornmeal can be served alone or with some other food.

How to prepare it- for 2 people

– Put three or four cups of water into a pot and let it boil.

– When it’s boiling, add the polenta and a full hand of coarse salt.

Stir all the ingredients with a wooden spoon until it starts bubbling.

– At this point, lower the heat and keep stirring for another 20 minutes.

The polenta is ready in about 20 minutes, according to the strength you use to stir: the more you stir, the less it has to cook.

– Once you see it’s basically ready, you can add cheese or, if you don’t like it, butter. You can choose the quantity of cheese, depending on how much you want to taste it. As far as it concerns the butter, use a ½ tbsp.

Keep stirring until the cheese or the butter melts.

– In the meantime, if you want to eat it with sausage, cook it normally by putting the sausage in a pan with oil or butter.

– Once the polenta is ready, turn off the heat and let it stay in the pan while the sausage is cooking.

– When it’s ready, serve both the polenta and the sausage with ragu on the top and BUON APPETITO!