The monks’ agritourism in Pra ‘d Mill

agriturismo-pra-d-mill-267x180Even if the name could suggest that some monks are running an agritourism, it’s not true, since it would be too funny, I guess.

But there is an agritourism in Piedmont which is located close to a monastery, and several pilgrims, after a visit to the place, go there to it.

I am talking about the Agriturismo Pra d’ Mill, whose previous name was La Stela ‘d Catlina, which means “Catherine’s star” in Piedmontese dialect.

This name comes from the name of the owner’s place, who was in love with her property and the son’s passion and interest in astronomy. Once she passed away, he decided to use the old house where he was born and where his parents lived once to make an agritourism.

Located not far from Bagnolo Piemonte, this place can be a great option if you want to escape from the city for a weekend. Spend a couple of days breathing fresh air, walking into the woods and tasting some typical local products. You won’t regret it, especially because the staff is very nice and totally at your disposal, and prices are really cheap.

What else could you ask for?

You can choose between the half-board formula, the full one or simply the bed and breakfast, eating rich and healthy food, such as crepes and pies. Homemade, of course, as all the rest. You will be able to taste the freshness of the food, which become a real orgasm for your mouth. Try it to believe it.

Reaching the place is not that difficult, even if sometimes guests have troubles, especially during winter, because of the snow. Once you arrive in Bagnolo Piemonte, follow the agritourism sign and after 1 km turn left. Keep following the sign and after 8 km there you are.

Agriturismo Pra d’Mill
Via Balma Oro n.6,
12031 Bagnolo Piemonte (CN)

Telephone: (+39) 0175-392140