The most popular carnivals in Italy- part 1

carnival-259x180February is already started and Italians can’t wait for the Carnival. Due a very ancient tradition, in fact, we celebrate it a very special event before starting the Lent.

In this post you will read the most important Carnivals in Italy and when they are going to be held this year. Due to the fact that there are several of them, this post will be the first of two.

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The enchanted Ligurian Riviera

riveraFrom Cape Cervo to the French border, you are able to see amazing bays which are part of the very famous Riviera dei Fiori.

You can basically find evertyhing there, that’s why if don’t have enough time to stay there, you have to choose what to do.

Do you prefer visiting the coastal town, or climb the mountains? Is is better for you surfing or hiking in the woods? Do you want to visit the medieval villages and the churches or be focused on the tradional food?

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