Bordighera, a jewelry between the border

bordighera-267x180If you want to go to a very nice beach in the Ligurian region, you can opt for Bordighera, a very nice town located near the French border.

Situated 2 hours by train from Cuneo, it offers you the chance to cross 2 different countries to reach it, passing through France.

Founded in 1100 by Saint Ampleio who brought palm from the East and gralevines, it was then saved by Magiarge’, a very young Saracen girl who was a slave and died there. Of course we cannot be sure that this was true: it could definitely be a legend instead of a history.

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The monks’ agritourism in Pra ‘d Mill

agriturismo-pra-d-mill-267x180Even if the name could suggest that some monks are running an agritourism, it’s not true, since it would be too funny, I guess.

But there is an agritourism in Piedmont which is located close to a monastery, and several pilgrims, after a visit to the place, go there to it.

I am talking about the Agriturismo Pra d’ Mill, whose previous name was La Stela ‘d Catlina, which means “Catherine’s star” in Piedmontese dialect.

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Some exclusive places in Turin

ancora-267x180Arriving in Turin, you have to find the places which are considered the top, where you can go to enjoy a drink with friends or to have dinner with businessmen.

“L’Ancora”, for example, is a very nice place where you can taste fish, both as an aperitivo (happy hour) or food to buy. In fact, Roberta and Daniele, the young couple who runs the place, is very good in making culinary innovation.

Moreover, the quality of food, the sustainability of the fish market and the valorization of less valuable fish are the three secret ingredients of the couple.

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How to make a homemade polenta

POLENTA-222x180If you are in Italy and you like cooking, do not miss the chance to prepare a typical Italian winter dish: the polenta (cornmeal in English).

In order to prepare it, you have to buy the polenta in the supermarket, which has to be added to the other ingredients: water, salt and butter. Of course you can mix some other food with it, such as the gorgonzola (blu cheese in English), which is delicious, sausage or ragù.

You can easily choose according to your taste, since the cornmeal can be served alone or with some other food.

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