Find all the Michelangelo’s Davids in the world!

david-267x180Everyone knows about the statue of David by Michelangelo, am I right? Even if the real one is in Florence, located in the heart of the city where every day so many tourists take one or more pictures as a memory of their trip or vacation in Florence, you can find the statue basically everywhere in the world.

How is it possible?

Well, it’s very easy: think about how many postcards with the image of the statue you can find across Italy, as well as many small plaster statue souvenirs you can buy in shops. You can even see the picture in stores, on T-shirts, as well in funny pictures on the internet, or even in some TV programs, such as in the Simpons!

The specialties of Saluzzo

saluzzo-267x180The specialties you can taste in Saluzzo are several, and they can all satisfy your taste.

Starting from the simple dishes of Piedmontese tradition to the new and creative recipes, in fact, you can find something you like and, at the same time, you can learn something new from the territories.

The Piedmontese beef, for example, is renowned for its taste and high nutrition content and the white hen of Saluzzo, an autochthonal breed, has recently been rediscovered and prized.

Verona: it’s more than just Shakespeare

arena-267x180Let me ask you what you know about Italy besides Rome, Milan, mafia, spaghetti, pizza and mandolin. I really hope the answer is a list of name of cities, monuments, places and so on.

How much do you know Verona? It is definitely more than just Shakespeare’s romance and Juliet’s house. In your mind it is very popular because of the romantic tragedy that has been reproduced on the big screen, starring a young and pretty much unknown Leonardo diCaprio truly, madly, deeply in love with Claire Danes.

Forget the statue of Juliet, or her tomb, or the house of Romeo, or the wall where lovers wrote their promises: this is just a story or a legend (even if the Juliets-that’s how the Juliets’ girls are still called nowadays- keep working really hard).

The American touch in Turin

857-267x180Some locals in Turin are typically Italian, but luckily for tourists there are also some American ones. The most elegant and sophisticated is “Gramsci”, which is directly inspired by the very famous clubs in New York. In fact, it features a refined interior design, which looks like a mix of several different styles mixed together to give birth to a metropolitan result.

This restaurant is popular not only for its central position in the heart of Turin, but also because it is a meeting point for businessmen during lunch time. If you are looking for a pleasant and tasty break, this is the best place where you can go to.