Bordighera, a jewelry between the border

bordighera-267x180If you want to go to a very nice beach in the Ligurian region, you can opt for Bordighera, a very nice town located near the French border.

Situated 2 hours by train from Cuneo, it offers you the chance to cross 2 different countries to reach it, passing through France.

Founded in 1100 by Saint Ampleio who brought palm from the East and gralevines, it was then saved by Magiarge’, a very young Saracen girl who was a slave and died there. Of course we cannot be sure that this was true: it could definitely be a legend instead of a history.

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Find all the Michelangelo’s Davids in the world!

david-267x180Everyone knows about the statue of David by Michelangelo, am I right? Even if the real one is in Florence, located in the heart of the city where every day so many tourists take one or more pictures as a memory of their trip or vacation in Florence, you can find the statue basically everywhere in the world.

How is it possible?

Well, it’s very easy: think about how many postcards with the image of the statue you can find across Italy, as well as many small plaster statue souvenirs you can buy in shops. You can even see the picture in stores, on T-shirts, as well in funny pictures on the internet, or even in some TV programs, such as in the Simpons!

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Verona: it’s more than just Shakespeare

arena-267x180Let me ask you what you know about Italy besides Rome, Milan, mafia, spaghetti, pizza and mandolin. I really hope the answer is a list of name of cities, monuments, places and so on.

How much do you know Verona? It is definitely more than just Shakespeare’s romance and Juliet’s house. In your mind it is very popular because of the romantic tragedy that has been reproduced on the big screen, starring a young and pretty much unknown Leonardo diCaprio truly, madly, deeply in love with Claire Danes.

Forget the statue of Juliet, or her tomb, or the house of Romeo, or the wall where lovers wrote their promises: this is just a story or a legend (even if the Juliets-that’s how the Juliets’ girls are still called nowadays- keep working really hard).

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"Tenuta La Cascinetta": where taste and nature melt together

tenuta-267x180If you want to find a place where to eat, sleep and relax, choose the Tenuta La Cascinetta, which is located in Buriasco, near Turin. It is perfect location for nature lovers, in fact there is an amazing view on the Alps.

Previously the place was a rural house dating back the 18th century, then it become a small but very charming hotel with 10 rooms and 3 suites, where guests can relax and enjoy their vacation in Italy, while tasting some Piedmontese specialities, such as the fassone tartare stuffed with foie gras, the tuna carbonara spaghetti, the scallop carpaccio, the amberjack mango roll, the fresh vegetable tempura and the rasperries basket with custard “burnt” cream. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

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