Bordighera, a jewelry between the border

bordighera-267x180If you want to go to a very nice beach in the Ligurian region, you can opt for Bordighera, a very nice town located near the French border.

Situated 2 hours by train from Cuneo, it offers you the chance to cross 2 different countries to reach it, passing through France.

Founded in 1100 by Saint Ampleio who brought palm from the East and gralevines, it was then saved by Magiarge’, a very young Saracen girl who was a slave and died there. Of course we cannot be sure that this was true: it could definitely be a legend instead of a history.

Bordighera was loved by both French and English: the famous painter Claude Monet used to paint the town in 1884, representing the stone of an old fountain. Then, the English nobility really appreciated it while they were there.

This city is famous for the palms: not the usual boulevard, but the real ones, coming from the African forests. Due to this it is the northernmost palm grove in Europe.

During Easter, for Palm Sunday, there are some huge manifestations and people walk for 25 km carrying their “palmureli”, which are made by coloured leaves skilfully woven.

Both the buildings and the villas have white walls, built back in 1800s.

First and foremost Villa Granier, which faces the harbour, was built by the homonymous architect at the end of 1800.

Don’t miss the chance to go from the seaside to the so-called Citta’ Alta, which is definitely a trip back in time, since that area was originally built in 1471.

You will find yourself surrounded by small alleys and stone arches, giving you an idea of the Italian architecture.