"Tenuta La Cascinetta": where taste and nature melt together

tenuta-267x180If you want to find a place where to eat, sleep and relax, choose the Tenuta La Cascinetta, which is located in Buriasco, near Turin. It is perfect location for nature lovers, in fact there is an amazing view on the Alps.

Previously the place was a rural house dating back the 18th century, then it become a small but very charming hotel with 10 rooms and 3 suites, where guests can relax and enjoy their vacation in Italy, while tasting some Piedmontese specialities, such as the fassone tartare stuffed with foie gras, the tuna carbonara spaghetti, the scallop carpaccio, the amberjack mango roll, the fresh vegetable tempura and the rasperries basket with custard “burnt” cream. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

But the Tenuta offers more, surprising its clients with a Sushi corner where you can try the traditional and Japanese and Asiatic cuisine in general in a versatile spot, which is the ideal place where to have a romantic dinner or a simpler one with friends.

There is a pretty cool ouside dehor where you can eat and taste the wide variety of wines they offer or of course you can stay inside, enjoying the big room all designed with white tables and chairs, rendering the place different from the ordinary restaurant where you usually go. Both food and interior design, in fact, are studied and inspired by nature, drawing a path of real pleasure for those who go beyond the traditional idea of fashion.

Remember to book for both the rooms and the restaurant service, and keep in mind that on Tuesdays it is closed, as well as on Mondays at lunch.

In order to have additional information, visit the website www.tenutalacascinetta.it or call the (+39) 0121-368040

Tenuta La Cascinetta
Regione Rena
Buriasco (TO)
(+39) 0121-368040