Find all the Michelangelo’s Davids in the world!

david-267x180Everyone knows about the statue of David by Michelangelo, am I right? Even if the real one is in Florence, located in the heart of the city where every day so many tourists take one or more pictures as a memory of their trip or vacation in Florence, you can find the statue basically everywhere in the world.

How is it possible?

Well, it’s very easy: think about how many postcards with the image of the statue you can find across Italy, as well as many small plaster statue souvenirs you can buy in shops. You can even see the picture in stores, on T-shirts, as well in funny pictures on the internet, or even in some TV programs, such as in the Simpons!

It is so funny, isn’t it? Moreveor, there are also official copies in marble or bronze in several cities around the world, including Florence itself, so it is really interesting see how many Davids there are around the universe, and where they are located.

This is the goal of the project which was launched by the majour of Florence: everyone has to take a picture of any semblance of the David they can find and they have to post it on the website Don’t miss the chance to take part of this very unique idea!

All the pictures are shared with everyone on the website and a selection of them could be used during an exhibition at Le Murate in Florence, in order to show the project.

If you are a creative person, and you are also a talented photographer, this can be a good way to let people know about you and your pictures, styles and techniques. Go around, check on the internet where you can find a David near the place where in you live or you are at moment and be also a little bit lucky, of course.