The specialties of Saluzzo

saluzzo-267x180The specialties you can taste in Saluzzo are several, and they can all satisfy your taste.

Starting from the simple dishes of Piedmontese tradition to the new and creative recipes, in fact, you can find something you like and, at the same time, you can learn something new from the territories.

The Piedmontese beef, for example, is renowned for its taste and high nutrition content and the white hen of Saluzzo, an autochthonal breed, has recently been rediscovered and prized.

Every menu offers you a very high quality varieties of cheese which is produced in the surrounding valleys, such as the Castelmagno, the Tomin dal Mel, Nostrale and Toma d’Elva.

However, the best product of the area is of course the fruit, the one that grows with controlled and specific techniques of production. During all the year, according on when you visit Italy, you are able to taste peaches, apricots, plums, apples, pears and kiwis. You can find them in several supermarkets, where you can buy them fresh, ready to be eaten or used as ingredients for some very tasty recipes.

In addition to this, talking about the Saluzzo area you can’t forget to mention chocolate! In fact, confectioners propose delicious chocolates with hazelnuts, the typical chocolates with a rum filling (which are called “Saluzzesi”) and the so-called “Castellane. A must which you definitely have to try at least once.

Talking about wine, you have to know that the local syndicate “Colline Saluzzesi” produces some Controlled Origin Denomination wines, such as the sweet Pelaverga, which conquered even the Pope Giulio II back in the 16th century, the Quagliano, which is an excellent dessert wine, and the Rosso. Moreover, one of the best wines in the world is the Chateay d’Yquem Lur-Saluces, which is produced in France, beards the name of Saluzzo.