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Italy is one of the most beautiful place in the world, this is a certainty, the most reliable witnesses to this statement are the millions of tourists every year and every season, come to visit this peninsula overlooking Mediterranean Sea. Italy offers an exceptional diversity of landscapes, because nature has given him a unique conformation, you can move it from the mountains to the hills and to the sea within a few kilometers and the beauty of this land has become proverbial.

Travel in Italy, guide to discover the best tourist attractions in ItalyIn these pages we will discuss the most beautiful destinations to visit, the journey to discover the many Italian cities of art, rich in monuments and museums that absolutely must see. Everyone can find his perfect vacation in Italy, whether you want to spend a few days or a weekend, or even a longer period, necessary to discover all its beauties.

We will guide you to visit Italy and discover its major tourist attractions, places to vacation on the sea,  and other beautiful places to vacation in the mountains or hills, in this nation that there is a choice that all find what he likes most, relaxation, but also many things to do, nice places to see and so many good foods to eat.

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